Consistency, independence and open-mindedness is our vocation

Our investment strategy pursues a deep value approach, consistent with the philosophy of Benjamin Graham and David Dodd – that is, to provide “safety of principal and an adequate return”. As value investors we deliberately stand apart from the herd and try to think independently and without prejudice. We invest anti-cyclical and for the long term.

Our investment universe is global and the stocks we invest in are normally well established firms that have been temporarily forgotten or misunderstood by the market, or excessively punished as a result of a problem. Unjustified valuation discounts are an attractive buying opportunity and may lead to above average results over the long term.

We aim to offer a long-term service and partnership to our clients. Investing according to our value strategy requires a distinctly independent thought process and a very-long investment horizon exceeding 5 years. This requires a willingness to disregard or even exploit short-term market fluctuations.

The difference between investment and speculation in equities was always useful. The disappearance of this difference is cause for concern.
Benjamin Graham


SG Value Partners AG offers institutional and private investors access to its deep value strategies through equity mutual funds or through individual mandate solutions. Please contact us to learn more about the ideal solution for you.

About us

SG Value Partners AG is a specialized deep value equity and independent asset management company. The experienced investment team consists of Sven Sommer (Chief Executive Officer, CEO) and Gregor Trachsel (Chief Investment Officer, CIO), who have been co-managing deep value strategies since 2003.

The Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority, FINMA, has authorized the company as asset manager for collective investment schemes. It acts as advisor for several equity mutual funds open for distribution in Switzerland and neighboring countries.


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